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This portal houses a range of resources that can be used to support teachers as they implement the Australian Curriculum. The resources have been developed by ACARA after intensive work with a range of schools and teachers. The resources consist of illustrations of practice, work samples and links to reports and relevant research. 

The Mathematics proficiency strands describe the actions in which students can engage when learning and using the content of the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics. This project was designed to capture illustrations of good practice. The resource can be used for professional learning as teachers implement the Australian Curriculum: Mathematics.

Work samples are only annotated to indicate how proficiencies are evident in tasks.

The STEM Connections project investigates a cross-disciplinary approach to the teaching of STEM disciplines. Illustrations of practice demonstrate strategies used by five project schools to integrate learning. This resource can be used to provide guidance to teachers who wish to develop their own integrated approach to STEM education.

Work samples are only annotated to indicate how each task incorporated learning from across disciplines.

Illustrations of practice are short videos that demonstrate how schools are successfully implementing particular aspects of the Australian Curriculum. They can act as a stimulus to other schools which are planning to implement the same aspect of the curriculum.

Learning area work samples have been developed to exemplify three levels of achievement for each year or band of study