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School Stories: Merici College, Braddon, ACT

Merici College, Braddon, ACT

Merici College has a specific emphasis on sustainability. Accordingly, their STEM Connections project focused on solar photovoltaics. The project consisted of two key parts: the first concentrated on a scientific investigation into power outputs from cells and the second on programming a heliostat robot to ensure maximum capture of sunlight.

Students who participated in this project had all chosen Technologies as an elective. They were timetabled into two mixed-ability classes for Science and Mathematics. Semi-integrated teaching occurred across the three learning areas. The project theme enabled the linking of concepts across learning areas. There was a focus on group work and team roles to build cooperative learning. Students were given time to develop responsibility for designing, developing and optimising their investigations.

There were four assessment tasks for the projects, each of which incorporated real-world connections.

This project was run over 10 weeks.